Here is the plan for what we will do this year for GEAR UP class of 2017!

  1. This year GEAR UP will host four FAMILY NIGHTS to help prepare and educate families, as well as foster family connections within our cohort.  Family nights will include scholarship information, information about EXPLORE testing provided by GEAR UP, Career exploration information, good food, good fun, good students and families getting together for a purpose!
  2. We have plans for at least two field trips to community colleges near us.  Those trips will include some fun educational teasers, like meeting with the head of the Theater department at GHC, seeing a play / and or dress rehearsal, plus a great College Campus tour.  Our second trip will be to Centralia Community College where we plan to meet with the Athletic department head, see a game, tour their campus and learn about scholarship opportunities for students interested in CCC.
  3. GEAR UP is funding Math assistance in order to prepare our students for more rigorous course work.  We'll be doing this in two ways.  First, we will again participate with several teams in the State Math Olympiad.  Mrs. Crisler will coach teams of students from all math levels to be competitive in this year's event.  Second, we have purchased IXL software again to assist students in closing Math learning gaps.  All 8th grade students will be learning Algebra this year.
  4. GEAR UP Funded incentive backpacks full of school supplies provided by donation as well as GEAR UP funds.  Students have opportunities to earn the back packs with successful GEAR UP participation.
  5. GEAR UP is funding "I CAUGHT YOU" lunches with an inspiring community professional and Mr. Vetter for lucky class members "Caught" in academic success extraordinary for THEM!
  6. EXPLORE tests, and test prep will be funded by GEAR UP funds this year.  These tests are helpful in giving students a picture of where they are naturally skilled, where they have skills gaps, and possible career clusters they may find interesting.  Having a picture of where a student is in 8th grade, he/she can better choose rigorous classes to prepare them for their post secondary education experience.
  7. SEAGULL BUCKS IS BACK!  Students will earn Seagull bucks for academic success and by doing so they will be able to "buy" their way to events, purchase school supplies from the SEAGULL STORE, and improve attendance and academic success.  These good habits are essential for HS Success, and GEARing UP for College and beyond.


Great Family Night Turnout!

The Class of 2017 and their families were invited to celebrate the beginning of their transitional year, 8th grade!  We provided good eats in the form of cupcakes decorated with flags from EWU, CWU, WWU, UW and WSU along with sparkling cider for a toast to the successful 8th grade transition year!

Most impressive was the number of families who turned out for our kickoff meeting.  Previously our record was 22 families. CONGRATULATIONS ! - 24 families were represented.

Denise Bell from our alternative learning department joined us to discuss homework and study habit successes.  Families were encouraged to participate in student learning by providing the homework environment YOUR student needs. 

Dave Vetter, new principal, discussed the importance of attendance and statistical success as a result of something so simple.  Go to school :)!  

Karla Webber, new academic counselor, shared World Class Scholar, and College Bound Scholarship information with students.  Class of 2017 students had only 6 who had not yet signed up for WCS!  We've had two of those return their applications since the Sept. 12th meeting.  GOOD JOB!

By sharing strategies for success in attendance and homework organization RJHS and GEAR UP hope to equip these students/families with tools that will enable a better education, and better HS experience.

Thanks for coming, and stay tuned for more GEAR UP activities!



The 2011-2012 Advisory Board will meet tonight, Jan 25th at 5 PM in Mrs. Silvernail's classroom.  Dinner is provided.  Thank you to the following board members for their participation in making RJHS GEAR UP program a success!


Julie Gardner

Janel Flemetis

Jennifer Topping

Jason Dunsmoor

Chris Stephens

Cindy Collins

Angela Silvernail - GEAR UP Staff 

Ronalda Wintrip - GEAR UP Staff

Denise Bell-GEAR UP Staff

Dave Vetter - GEAR UP Staff

Dale Bowen - GEAR UP Staff

Laurie Hatfield - GEAR UP Staff



March 7 and May16th!

GEAR UP families are invited for fun and facts about your students, financial literacy programs, and career readiness.

Parents in attendance have a chance to win a $25 gift card!

March 7th - 6 PM

Students will be given SEAGULL BUCKS ACHIEVEMENT awards,

Parents will have the opportunity to participate in some of the zany games GEAR UP students have used for learning financial literacy.  The VAULT program offered to your students during 7th period for the 2nd semester will teach life skills that last a lifetime.  Come see what they've learned and maybe find out a couple things for yourselves!

May 16th - 6 PM

Last Family Night of 7th Grade!

More info coming !

WOW- Mt. St. Helens here we come!

7th graders are excited about the upcoming trip to Mt. St. Helens. 

The trip will include two St. Helens educational stops, including the Ape Caves, The Forest Learning Center, and Johnson Ridge Observatory.

We will leave at the crack of light-thirty (5 AM) and will return by 4PM on May 21st.

Meals will be provided, you are welcome to pack  your own between meal snacks. 

For more about St. Helens click here


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