This information is designed to help parents understand what we have planned to ensure the safety and welfare of students attending Raymond School District. Our Emergency Operations Plan provides for response to all types of emergencies. Depending on the circumstances of the emergency, we will use one of the following protective responses.

Type of Protective Response

Immediate evacuation Students are evacuated to a safe area on the school grounds in the event of a fire, etc.

Modified operation May include cancellation/postponement or rescheduling of normal activities. These actions are normally taken in case of a winter storm or building problems that make it unsafe for students (such as utility disruptions,) but may be necessary in a variety of situations.

In-place sheltering Sudden occurrences, weather or hazardous materials related, may dictate that taking cover inside the building is the best immediate response.

Evacuation Total evacuation of the campus may become necessary if the school is in an endangered area. In this case, students may be taken to another school outside of the endangered area. The "host" facility for (insert your school name) is (insert name of host school).

Additonally, if your residence is in a disaster area and the school is not, your children will be cared for in their regular school location until the danger has subsided, or until you or your authorized designee comes to the school to get them.

Please listen to both radio and television for announcements relating any of the emergency actions listed above.

We ask that you refrain from calling the school during the emergency. This will keep telephone lines open so that campus administrators will be able to make emergency calls and relay information to the media.

The media will advise you when and where to report to regain custody of students. This will avoid traffic congestion that may impede the response of emergency vehicles and threaten the safety of students and staff.

You will need to do the following when reporting to the designated student release area:

  • produce a photo identifying yourself as the custodial parent/guardian.
  • be prepared to sign a student release form.
In the event your student has a personal means of transportation at school at the time of the emergency or evacuation, your consent is also required before the student will be permitted to leave with their own mode of transportation.

Please do not telephone the school or attempt to make different arrangements during an event. This action will only create additional confusion and divert staff from their assigned emergency duties.

All instructions will be provided to the media for dissemination. Should the media be unable to operate because of power loss, etc, a route alerting system will be activated in your area.

Emergency conditions may also require that the school will have to close for a period of time. In that event, students may be required to complete assignments at home or at another location. You will be informed via the news media or neighborhood alerting system of procedures to be followed.

In order to assure the safety of our students and staff, and in an effort to assure the continuity of the educational process, we ask your understanding and cooperation. Should you have additional questions regarding our emergency operating procedures please contact building principal.

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