The boys' track team won the team title at the state track meet this weekend, for the first Raymond team track title since 1969.  There were also two individual champions: Hannah Dykes in the triple jump and Rayce Newman in the 200 meter race. School records were set by Rayce Newman in the 200 and Ally Phansisay in the triple jump.  Overall it was a great weekend.  A complete list of placers is listed below:



Rayce Newman - 200 - 1st, long jump - 2nd, 100 - 4th

Ally Phansisay - triple jump - 2nd

Hunter Borden - 110 hurdles - 6th, 300 hurdles - 7th

Alex Vaca - 400 - 3rd

Jayce Freeman - 110 hurdles - 4th

Darol Ratsavongsy - shot put - 6th

Elliott Murdock - 400 - 10th

4x100 Relay (Ally Phansisay, Darol Ratsavongsy, Alex Sida, Rayce Newman) - 8th

 4x400 Relay (Elliott Murdock, James Hamilton, Hunter Borden, Alex Vaca) - 5th



Hannah Dykes - triple jump - 1st, 100 - 11th

Aiysha Garcia - shot put - 9th, javelin - 10th, discus - 11th

Patti Rojas - pole vault - 9th

Kendra Dunsmoor - pole vault - 12th

Cydney Flemetis - triple jump - 13th

4x100 Relay (Patti Rojas, Aubrey Boyes, Cydney Flemetis, Hannah Dykes) - 11th

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Raymond High School has a new principal with a familiar face. Dave Vetter, long-time teacher and previous vice-principal will sit in the principal’s chair beginning in the 2012/13 school year. Mr. Vetter graduated from RHS and bleeds red and black.  His goal is for all students to be successful in the classroom, on the athletic field and in any of the  many activities that are available for Raymond students.  “Our job is to help students understand that they are valued, that classroom work is preparing them for the next step in life and that they are expected to be contributing citizens.”


“My goal is simple,” continued Vetter. “Do what’s best for kids. When I was hired, the superintendent told me ‘every decision we make is based on what is best for kids,’ and that’s just the way that we do business. We have to make sure that we challenge our students and at the same time ensure that our processes are as smooth as possible. My job is to help teachers teach more and “hoop jump” less. They need to be able to focus on kids while I support both staff and students.”


Vetter began his education career in 2002 at the Wa He Lut Indian school in Olympia. He then came to Raymond elementary where he first served as a kindergarten teacher and later as a fourth-grade teacher. He also worked after school with high school students who needed to make up credit for various classes. In 2010 he transferred to Raymond Junior High to teach language arts.  In 2011, he served as vice principal for Raymond Junior/Senior High; he also received his Masters degree that same year.


Vetter believes that all kids deserve to be proud of the school they attend and to achieve success rather than falling into mediocrity. “We need to leverage our great teachers, a super support staff, outstanding facilities and a strong school board into helping all students to ‘cross the line’ that separates the commonplace from high achievement.” He believes that people rise to the level that is expected of them. “Everybody, kids and staff alike, appreciate direction and solid guidelines. Most of my kids think I’m kind of strict, but with the nurturing and caring side that understands all the outside influences that come into a young person’s life. That doesn’t mean I won’t call someone on the carpet for their mistakes, it just means I’ll still love them and care about them when they make a bad choice.”


Raymond Junior/Senior High will be available for new student registration on 20 August.

We would like to thank InvestEd for their donation and helping our students. For more information and to visit their website click here.


On Saturday, 9 June, the Class of 2012 walked into the gym as seniors and left 90 minutes later as alumni.  The audience heard about the exploits of the past 13 years from 4 student speakers.  MollyKhammala was selected by the faculty to speak and reflect on the students' academic experiences. Joy Phommachanh related an original tale of fiction designed to highlight the graduating seniors' personalities and talents. Aaron Carney, Valedictorian, spoke briefly and then performed an original song. Finally, Salutatorian Dane Camenzind gave a brief address challenging the students to make the most of their future.

The remainder of the time was occupied with scholarship awards and the presentation of diplomas by School Board Chair Mark Hatfield. This class was particularly successful in obtaining scholarships. 10 students were recipients of the new state College Bound scholarship, with a total value of at least $280,000. Other scholarships totaled $278,000. The total amount of $558,000 represents a record amount for Raymond High School students. Good job, Grads!

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