The second in a series of "Senior Information" meetings was held on 6 October. Links to the documents distributed may be found below:

Senior Calendar

Culminating Project Guidelines

Community Service Guidelines

This links to an 8-minute presentation entitled "Did You Know" that students, teachers and parents find interesting.

In an effort to ensure that we provide the safest environment possible for all students, the high school will be working with law enforcement this year to implement unannounced drug detection searches by trained dogs. The attached policy will answer questions you may have regarding the procedures that will be used.

The gist of our policy is:

o The district will cooperate with law enforcement officers who use trained dogs to sniff district-owned public areas and items in those areas. This includes lockers, unoccupied classrooms, unattended bags, etc..

o There will be no sniffing of individual students or occupied classrooms.

o Should a dog alert, normal search procedures will be used to ascertain the reason for the dog’s reaction.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the superintendent or high school principal. Our highest priority is the safety of all students and hope you will view the use of these trained professionals as a means to this end.

District increases service and choice through partnership with CVA

Raymond, WA – In its ever-vigilant search for opportunities to improve programming for student learning, the Raymond School District is now offering families greater choice and control of their child’s education through Columbia Virtual Academy-Raymond (CVA-Raymond).

“We have added options, in addition to our HomeLink program, for parents who wish to have some help in designing instruction for their students, but still desire to be their children's primary teacher,” explained Raymond School District Superintendent Dr. Steve Holland.

Columbia Virtual Academy, the only completely public, completely non-profit and completely shared virtual learning program in Washington, offers K-12 educational programming directly to families, or in partnership with school districts, across the state.

According to CVA’s founding Superintendent Dr. Mark Selle, “Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, but no family typically has all the resources or expertise it needs to fully educate their children on their own.”

That is where CVA seeks to fit in.

“Through CVA, families can access curricular resources, specialty instructors in their communities, and support for planning each child’s learning,” Dr. Selle explained. “Additionally, CVA staff can help parents evaluate their children’s progress and help to ensure that every child has all that they need to succeed.”

Dr. Selle added that, “CVA-Raymond only increases the support families across the state have to choose the kind of education they want for their children.”

For its part, the Raymond School District has already worked to offer individualized learning for every student within the school system

“CVA-Raymond will help us partner with parents to reach the same goal – education anywhere at any time for any student,” Dr. Holland stated.

Dr. Holland added that the CVA partnership with 11 districts across the state will help operational efficiency for the district while making new curriculum options available to families.

“Although we use Apex Curriculum now, such things as the Calvert Curriculum and the Digital Learning Commons will be new for us,” Dr. Holland said. “I believe that partnering with CVA will be most important in that it gives families and students more choices.”

According to CVA Director Lori Larsen, CVA-Raymond will advance Raymond’s technology goals as well.

“Dr. Holland has shared with us that he would like for Raymond School District to be the technology leader in his region,” Larsen said. “We look forward to assisting the district in achieving its goals in any way that we can.”

CVA began in 2003 as the Valley Home Program at the Valley School District in rural northeast Washington. The program expanded to statewide operation as Columbia Virtual Academy in 2006. CVA is open to partnership to any public school district in Washington and currently partners with 11 districts. Its mission is to support Family Choice Education through the values of personalization, flexibility, choice, and control.

Additional information about CVA is available at

Principal Dave Vetter of Raymond High School announced today that Kendra Dunsmoor has been named a “Commended Student” in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Program. A Letter of Commendation from the school and National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which conducts the program, will be presented by the principal to this scholastically talented senior.

About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2017 competition by taking the 2015 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

“The young men and women being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success," commented a spokesperson for NMSC. “These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation. We hope that this recognition will help broaden their educational opportunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of academic success."


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