Many scholarship applications get rejected within the first thirty seconds of reviewing them. An administrative assistant usually opens the scholarship application form aand compares the application to the checklist in order to decide which applications to present to the scholarship's review committees. Many of these fail to meet the checklist criteria and are discarded. While organizing your scholarship applications you should avoid some general mistakes so that your scholarships application does not get rejected.

Missing The Deadline

All scholarship applications that come after the closing date will get rejected automatically. Hence, while organizing your scholarship application you must never forget the deadline for application submission. Some scholarship programs stop receiving application forms even before the closing date if they already get too many forms. It is always advisable to send your scholarship applications as soon as possible to avoid rejection.

Unable To Meet Eligibility Requirement

Every scholarship has some eligibility requirements of its own. Some candidates submit the application without thoroughly reading these eligibility requirements. The form that meets all necessary requirements will further go to the scholarship adjudicators for review. If you do not qualify the eligibility requirements, do not waste time in submitting that scholarship application as you could be pursing another that you may be awarded.

Fail To Follow Application Instruction

While organizing your scholarship application never fail to follow the application instruction. The administrative assistants will check whether you followed all the instruction before submitting the application form. If your application asks for a photograph, two reference names or letter of recommendations, have them all ready to present in clear concise fashion.

Incorrect Grammar And Spelling

After your scholarship application reaches the scholarship judges, they will check for your grammar and spellings on the application form. While organizing your scholarship application, remain aware of this crucial stage. A small mistake in punctuation and spelling can result in the rejection of your scholarship application. Hence, before submitting scholarship forms, double check for grammar or spelling error, and ask your family members to re-check it when possible.

by: Aaron Blakely

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