Early Steps to School Success

PARENTS ARE CHILDREN'S VERY FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER! Early Steps to School Success (ESSS) is an early childhood home visiting program for expectant mothers and children from birth to age five. ESSS provides a variety of programs and services such as:

  • Home Visits Twice a Month
  • Book Bag Lending Program
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Individualized Portfolio
  • Monthly Parent Child Groups
  • Free Books to Build Child's Home Library
  • Community Resource Guide
  • Transitions to Preschool
  • Transitions to Kindergarten
  • and much more!

For More Information Contact:
Shannon Coty, Early Childhood Coordinator
360-942-3415, option 1

The Missoula Children’s Theatre will be coming to Raymond next week. K-6 students will be auditioning to be on the cast for a rendition of  Peter Pan. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will be cast in the play. There is no advance preparation necessary, but they often look for students with strong listening skills and the ability to follow directions. Once auditions are complete, rehearsals will be conducted throughout the week, concluding with a show on Friday, February 26 th. This show will start at 6:00pm in the Elementary Gym. 

Other news: students at Raymond Elementary School have been undergoing several different assessments through February. Parents are often familiar with the state assessments taken throughout the years. You may recall the WASL or the MSP, but now, students are taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Last year was our first time using this new test, and the assessment is much different from previous tests taken by our students. One perk to the new assessment is that students can take an interim test during the school year. These results do not count, but can still provide data to teachers adjust their teaching.

rd through 6 th  grade students have been taking this interim test over the past couple weeks. Aside from the data resulting from the assessment, student familiarity with this test is our primary reason for using it. To get an accurate depiction of student knowledge, kids need to know how to navigate and use the tools of this test. I encourage parents to take the practice SBAC test. If you are interested in taking the test yourself, please contact your child’s teacher, and they can point you to a link that will allow you to see the types of questions your child will be answering.

Contact Info: Chris Cady, 360-942-3415 option 1,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parents will be happy to learn that Raymond Elementary School will not be posting a school materials list for the 2015/16 school year. Instead, the items that parents are normally requested to purchase will be provided by the school. "We recognize that September can be an expensive month for families; if the school buys these items in bulk, families will be able to spend their money on other needs," said Principal Chris Cady. Mr. Cady also noted that while the school will supply pencils, paper, glue sticks, etc., parents are still asked to purchase personal items such as backpacks and gym shoes.

Raymond Elementary School has been honored by the State Board of Education and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction for being a "top performing school" in math, as evidenced by increasing math scores on the state tests over the past three years. The school received both a trophy and a large banner trumpeting their achievement.

Chris Cady, Principal of RES, when accepting the award on behalf of his staff stated "I am so proud of our entire staff and their accomplishments. We have done many great things for the kids, and this was another notch on the belt. This staff has worked together to make this a great place for kids to learn. I appreciate all they do. This is a great thing to share with the kids; we have many kids that have overcome tough situations and still show up to school and try their best. Kudos to all!"


Would you like to know what homework and classroom information you should expect from your child's elementary teacher? This information sheet should have just what you need.

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