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March 18, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Right now we’re living through something totally new.   We can communicate through the internet, but we can’t interact socially with our classrooms.  Things are a bit chaotic right now, but hopefully by next week, we’ll have a more of a schedule.


Here are some important notes:


Right now the return to school date is April 27th.

Spring break is the week of  April 13th.  (No work packet that week.)


The decision was made on Monday to allow second grade students to take home a Chromebook.  Students were signed in to their school account.  From that account students can access their bookmarks for Class Dojo, Zearn, and other accounts.  If the student account gets signed out, you will need to get them back into their account so they can access what is happening in the classroom.   (Please contact Mr. Enslow or Mrs. deMontigny for help.)


The second grade classroom will be using Class Dojo for communication.  This is a closed platform and at this time we feel that it is the safest and most effective means of communicating with students and parents.


All student accounts are set up and ready to go.  All parents/guardians with an email in the school system have been given an invite.  Parents – you just need to accept the invitation.  Your student’s account has already been set up.


In the meantime, please work on the packet that was sent home on Monday.  If your student was not at school on Monday, please call the school.  We will figure out a way to get it to you.  At this point, the work that is the most important task to  complete is the Geometry/measurement math packet.


At this point, our plan is for any completed work to be dropped off to the 2nd grade box in the entryway at Raymond Elementary.  Or potentially, when bus service starts for lunches, packets would get dropped off to the driver.  Another way is to post a picture of completed work on Class Dojo.  We’ll continue to keep you updated.


There will be informational videos on Class Dojo to help and (on Friday) information on how to get new packets for next week.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.  We hope to see all of you back in April.


Mrs. deMontigny     ldemontigny@raymondk12.org

Mr. Enslow               Jenslow@raymondk12.org
















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