8th Grade Assignments 4/6-4/10

This is going to be a project. You are going to be reading the US Constitution.

  1.  It starts with a preamble, which is an intro.  Read the paragraphs on the sides that explain the different sections.
  2. The Amendments begin on page 232.  The Amendments are numbered using Roman Numerals.
  3. The first ten of them are called the Bill of Rights.  These are the first laws of this country that state what rights we have as citizens to be protected from the government.  The remaining amendments were added in over time, as we came up with new problems that needed laws to solve them.  There are 27 amendments total, to date.
  4. Your product will be creating a chart, like the one linked below.  The left column is for using your own words or quotes to tell me what that amendment is about.  The right column is your thoughts on that particular amendment.  Some of them are easy to understand and are fun to learn about.  Others might not be that interesting.  Just tell me your thoughts, like “I agree with this law because…”  or “this law is trash because…” even if you write, “This one means nothing to me.”  🙂  Every amendment needs the info and your thoughts.  Email me your finished product when your done.


US Constitution


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