Due date change

Dear Parents and Guardians


How is everyone doing?  I know a lot of you are overwhelmed right now.  It is helpful to me that you are taking the time to work with your student.  I am not expecting that every student will be able to complete all of the work.  Please just do what you can in the time that you have.


The packet Mr. Enslow and I sent out for March 30th was intended to be a 2 week packet.  Unfortunately because the elementary school closed a day earlier than expected for teachers, the packet did not contain spelling words or homework.


If your student has completed the packet, check out the sites I have posted on Class Dojo for extra learning opportunities.


Below is an assignment that I would like all students to participate in.

Therefore, I’ve extended the due date.



The due date has been changed to April 7th @ 3:00


Secret Mission # 1.  Find your best secret agent hat or sunglasses.  Take a picture using Class Dojo and post it to your portfolio.


Secret Mission # 2.  I’ve posted a science website. It will read a lot of the information for you.




Students your Secret Mission is to visit the site above.  Click on, “Blue Planet”.  Listen to the information.  Then play the game.  (It’s fun to close your eyes when you play this game.)  Report your findings on Class Dojo or have your parent/guardian email me.  I will make a chart for Tuesday that includes the findings for everyone that has reported.


Mrs. deMontigny


PS I’ve posted this letter to the Raymond K12 teacher pages.


Also if you have a preferred method of communication, please let me know.


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