Each year the school district is faced with the possibility that an emergency may arise to necessitate closing the school with or without advance notice. Parents and students should not call the district or radio station, but should listen to KJET 105. 7 FM or tune in TV cable channel 4, 5, or 7. You will also find information regarding school closures on our web page by clicking on the flashing red bar at the top. We will also post via Facebook and Twitter.

Children should have a nearby home to go to if their parents will not be home during such an emergency.

Specific Weather Events

During the winter, our transportation director inspects the roads early in the morning to determine if a late-start is advisable. We try to make such determinations by 6:00 a.m. and then inform parents and staff. At times, we may be able to make such a determination the night before. If so, we will announce the delay/closure as soon as possible via the aforementioned methods.

Raymond School District