RHS Handbook


I—Essential Information

II—Attendance Requirements/Procedures


(Includes: Accidents, Articles Prohibited At School, Drills and Emergencies, Drug Dog “Sniff” and School Closings.)


(Includes: Academic Advisor/Guidance Counselor, ASB And ID Cards, Assemblies, Commons, Daily Bulletins, Dance Procedures, Directory Information, Eighteen-Year-Old Checkout, Electronic Information System Acceptable Use Guidelines:, Field Trips, Fines, Grays Harbor College Articulation/Advanced Placement, Gymnasium Use, Honor Roll, Lockers, Lost & Found, Non-Discrimination, Police Interviews Of Students, RHS – A Drug Free School, RHS – A Weapons Free School, Rules For Riding The School Bus, Schedule Changes, School Visitation Rights Of Non-Students, Special Events, Sporting Events/Spectator Rules, Sports Equipment, Sportsmanship, Student Cars And Parking, Student Council, Student Dress, Student Records, Substitute Teachers, Telephones, Use Of Lavatory, Visitors and Withdrawal.)

V—Educational Program

VI—Student Conduct

VII—Athletic Code



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