All departments may be reached by calling (360) 942-3415 and choosing the proper extension.

The physical address for all support personnel is:

1016 Commercial Street Raymond, WA 98577.

Raymond Elementary - Ext 1

Raymond Junior/Senior High - Ext 2

Raymond Transportation - Ext 3 (or direct dial 360-942-3302)

Raymond District Office - Ext 4

True North - Ext 5

You may reach specific support personnel by dialing their extensions or sending an email:

Birth-to-3 Early Learning Home Visitor, Ashly Fuller, ext 1031

Compliance Coordinator, KC Johnson, ext 4003

Food Services Director, Billie Jo Hagain, ext 2150

Health Nurse, Nicole Sedy, ext 1024

McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison, Danielle Rosetta, ext 1001

Human Resources Officer, Tera Stephens, ext 4002

Physical Facilities Director, Scott Coty, ext 3005

Section 504 Coordinator, Brian Maley, ext 2106

Special Education Director, Kerri Blankenship,

Title I Director, Steve Nygreen, ext 1022

Title III/TBIP Director, Steve Nygreen, ext 1022

Title IX Coordinator, Mike Tully, ext 2181

Language Support

If you need this information in another language, please call (360) 942-3415.

Si necesita esta información en otro idioma, llame al (360) 942-3415.