Letter From the Superintendent

To the Raymond parents and community,

I would love the opportunity to introduce myself and ask you a serious question.

My name is K.C. Johnson and I have been given the opportunity to return to Raymond as the new Superintendent of the Raymond School District. I left a 33-year career as an Athletic Director, Dean of Students, Teacher, Head Football Coach, and even Covid Coordinator for one simple reason: I knew Raymond had a need and I truly love this community with all my heart. The community and schools in Raymond helped make me who I am today, and I want every single student who grows up here to have the same opportunities and experiences I was offered. My parents did a great job with the support of their families, but the other major players in preparing me for life were the Raymond community and the school staff.

Believe me when I say I understand the difficulties and adversity this district has been through the last few years. Those days are behind us, and we’re in the midst of rebuilding an incredible TEAM of administration, staff, and programs for our students. Every decision we make from this point forward will be made with our children as the priority. We have hired a new elementary principal in Mr. Steven Nygreen, and a new JH/HS principal in Mr. Brian Maley. We have not only retained an incredible group of veteran teachers, but also hired seven new staff members with amazing educational backgrounds serving kids. We’re continuing many of the great grants the District already had, and applying for more every day. We are putting a huge emphasis on growing our College in the Classroom opportunities, so students can receive dual credit both for high school and college. We’re continuing our joint project at the Port to offer vocational training for our students, and we will be working closely with our neighboring districts to offer more educational opportunities for our students in the near future.

Here’s the serious question for every parent within the Raymond School District: if you have chosen to leave Raymond in the last few years, I want to ask you to consider returning. If you are considering transferring out this upcoming year, please reconsider. Let us show your children the same love and support I received as a young child in Raymond. I will spend every ounce of energy I have making the Raymond School District one you can be proud of. Please feel free to come see me and discuss what we can do for your most precious commodity: our children.

Rejoin the Raymond Family and Seagull Nation!


K.C Johnson, Raymond Superintendent of Schools

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