Raymond Elementary Highly Capable

Parents are welcome to nominate their child for this year’s Highly Capable program.  Criteria considered for acceptance are: evidence that the student scores in the top ten percent in cognitive ability as demonstrated by a standardized ability test: Student scores on the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Standards Based Evaluations are 3s and 4s, and MSP scores are considered for selection.  Students must score at least 80% on the Otis-Lennon Test and pass all sections of the MSP.

In addition, Evidence that the student scores in the top five percent in one or more specific academic achievement area.  Teachers yearly rate all students in their class in the following areas:  reading level, overall academics, work skills, and behavior with the following rating scale:  4 excellent, no need for help, 3 above average, minimal need for help, 2 below average, considerable need for help, and 1 definite problem, extreme need for help.  To be considered for the Highly Capable Program, students must be rated no lower than a 3.

Nomination forms are available from Ms. Skoubo in room 214, RHS.

Raymond School District