Many more MrE Missions


Kids: Have your parents help read this…


Parents: We will be transmitting missions for your kids to do to keep them busy and learning…

As the parents you can add your own or


Every day you will be given a mission or two, or more.

For each mission you do, you will be given dojo points and stickers.

It will be fun!

These points will add up and you will get prizes for doing many missions.

The more you do the better.

If you can’t send it on Class Dojo just make a file of proof so you can bring it back to school later or the bus might come by to pick it up!

Sometimes there will be a bonus mission that you can do too…

Stay safe and always ask for permission from your parents!

You are all agents of the Mr. E Secret Service now, aka M.E.S.S.

So let’s get to work!





Agent D





  1. Operation Time Bomb: Read a page of your reading packet. Record it on Class Dojo. Make sure you practice at least 3 times before you record it. If you want you can time yourself each time to see if you are getting better. Record the first time then try to beat that and read it before the time bomb blows up!


  1. OPERATION OBSTACLE COURSE: Make an obstacle course with at least 10 obstacles. Write down each obstacle in a list or a paragraph. Then time yourself trying the course. Try to beat your time. You can do it as many times as you want! This can be inside or out but get permission!


  1. MISSION MEAL TIME: Copy a recipe in writing then take a picture and send it in. You can find one on the internet, or you can get one from a box of food or can of beans.

BONUS: Ask an adult if you can make the recipe for dinner or desert with help!


  1. MUSIC MISSION:Check out the music link:

Use username: RES Enslow and password: 2nd Grade

(And/Or) you can go to using the free passwords:

March Password: orange

April Password: happy

May Password: peach


Bonus Music Mission:

Find a song that you like or one that you know. Write down the words to the song and send it in to Class Dojo. You can sing it if you want!

Super BONUS: Play the song and do your best dance moves to it!


  1. OPERATION ART PRO: On a piece of paper find the most artistic way to write your name! Paint it, color it, design it, then take a picture for Class Dojo. Display it on your wall!

BONUS: Draw or paint something you find at home.


  1. MOVIE MISSION: Write your own little skit. If there are people that can help get them. After you write the play, act it out. Practice first, then record it on Class Dojo. Have fun!


  1. PERSON OF INTEREST: We need a leader. You’re mission is to find a really good president or other leader from the past. You must write down some facts about him or her and send it in to Class Dojo! Also tell why you like the Person of Interest…

BONUS: Draw the person with paper and pencil.


  1. OPERATION GOOD GUY or GIRL: Write something nice for someone like a Thank You Card. Take a picture before you give it to them.

BONUS: Make a list of other nice things you can do and then check them off when they are done!


  1. Secret Mission Letter: Write your teacher a letter. Be sure to tell me what you’ve been up to and ask some questions so I have to write a letter back to you. Have your parents send it to Mr. Enslow 945 Fowler Street Raymond WA, 98577 or drop it at the school.

Bonus: Write a letter to someone else you know that needs to hear from you.


  1. Diary of an Awesome Kid: Starting today keep a secret journal or diary and write down everything that you can remember from the day before and today that happened. The more details you include the better!

Challenge: Fill half a page.

Super Challenge: Fill the whole page.


  1. Read a book on, click on the blue Student/Educator button and type in the class code: AZH8502 then just click on the little monster with your name.

You could also google search Scholastic learn at home and go to grade 2.


  1. Mission exercise in the Rain: On youtube, go to Coscmis Yoga for kids and get some wiggles out doing some fun activities.


  1. Operation ART SMART: Go to

Follow the directions to make some awesome drawings. Keep adding one at a time to make a whole poster.


  1. Type Master: Go to and set up a student account for free then practice typing with games and more.





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