Mrs. Jordan’s English 1 plan until April 24th

 During the time away from school, you will be continuing to read 

Romeo and Juliet on your own and completing the reading logs.  

You will also be writing an essay when the play is finished. 


Each reading log will be:

  • Created in a separate Google doc.
    • Put your name on the top right-hand corner where a heading usually goes
    • On top of the page include the Act and scene
    • Copy the quote–Don’t forget quotation marks
    • Include who said it and who heard it
    • Include the half paragraph beneath it-follow all rules
      • TNR, Size 14, Double Space


  • E-mailed to me as a PDF
  • In my inbox no later than 12:00pm every day.
    • Late reading logs will not be accepted unless you have a special circumstance--please communicate with me!!


I will print and grade each one and log your score in the back of your original reading log.


Use the following resources to help you to understand the play:

Romeo and Juliet: No Fear Translation

*side by side Old English with modern translation

Watch Full HD Romeo and Juliet (1968) Online Free – HDFY

*full movie

*watch after you read each scene




April 9th: Act 5, scene 1–Balthasar takes a little trip to Mantua. 

April 10th: Act 5, scene 2 and Act 5, scene 3 (2 in one day)

April 13th-17th: Spring Break

April 20th:  Essay prompt

April 21st-23rd: Work on essay:

  • Follow the steps
  • Use your packet

April 24th: E-mail essay as PDF by 12:00pm

There will be a Zoom meeting following spring break.

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