Mrs. Jordan’s English 3 Curriculum until June 4th

Hello Juniors!

It was nice to hear your voices this week!  I miss you very much, and am so grateful that you’re juniors, so our time together is not over.  I’ll get to nag you in new and fun ways next year. YAY! And more good news: There will be no vocabulary test. Bummer for me. Good for you. I hope that you’re enjoying Unwind. 


After doing some thinking and planning, I’ve decided that the best day to have your complete novel study done is:


Friday, June 4th!

This way I can give you feedback and tally your final results before the end of school. PLEASE send me the parts that you finish when you finish. Do not wait until June 4th.  This is just the final final date for everything to be in. 

And, you must still check in with me every day BEFORE 3:00 to get credit for the day.  When you check in, make sure to tell me what you’re working on or what you accomplished that day. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHECK IN OVER SPRING BREAK!


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns about ANYTHING. 



Miss you.



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