The University of Washington State GEAR UP Project is piloting a new “eMentors” program to connect high school GEAR UP students to current University of Washington students. Through this pilot program, eMentors will supplement current programming serving GEAR UP students across Washington by providing assistance and advice concerning college and scholarship applications, college transition questions, and other questions relating to the high school students' transition from high school to college.

Services Available

eMentors will correspond weekly with GEAR UP students, checking in with the students and also offering assistance with brainstorming and editing remaining written pieces for college admissions and scholarship applications, assisting with research of different colleges and their programs, and addressing college transition questions and concerns as needed. In return, GEAR UP students are expected to check in weekly with the eMentors (via e-mail) with how they are doing and progress on current projects/applications they are working on.

In addition to the services available via email correspondence, the eMentors staff will also contribute regularly to the UW State GEAR UP Project eMentors Blog, writing on topics about their own professional, academic, and personal experiences. The blog is meant to act as a supplementary resource for students to have a glimpse into the real lives of current undergraduate students, and can be found at

Questions and Signing Up

Contact Mrs. Hatfield or Mrs. Bell if you plan to attend University of Washington and would like to participate. Students should understand that participation in their program does require weekly correspondence with our eMentors, though more frequent contact is encouraged, especially if the student requires assistance with brainstorming, writing, or has questions they would like answered.


21 Students and some parents enjoyed a trip to Portland's National College fair on Friday November 12th. More than 200 schools were in attendance, including ROTC and Vocational Schools.

It was exciting to hear enthusiasm for 5th year and beyond from the students as they gave mini updates (with candy bar prizes for participation) on what they'd learned. Students found information from at least 3 schools each, and were prepared with a fun fact.


YOU are eligible for the Gates Millennium Scholarship if you:

-are African American American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American

-are a citizen, national or legal permanent resident of the US

Have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.3 

-Will enroll in college in the fall of 2011 as full-time student

-Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service, extracurricular or other activities

-Meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility critera (don't worry about this-just apply)

Go online to and complete the forms by January 10, 2011. If you need help on this contact Laurie Hatfield or Mrs. Brown.

If you meet these criteria, be sure to APPLY!!

If you are scheduled for the ACT in October at Aberdeen High School please go prepared!

  • Eat a good breakfast that includes protein.
  • Give yourself time to drive there and find the testing center
  • Print your ticket and have it with you before you go.  (this is good to have before leaving school on Friday).
  • If you haven't already; at choose the colleges you want your scores to go to.  Four are free with your already paid registration.
  • Bring sharpened pencils, a calculator and a snack.
  • Get a good night sleep the night before.
  • STUDY between now and then!

see Laurie for more detail

November 12th all GearUp students are invited to the College Fair in Portland, Oregon. We will be taking a bus that will leave at 7AM (its early I know but the fair starts at 9AM). Mr. Haerling and Mrs. Hatfield will be chaparones. There will be 200 colleges/trade schools/military there. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.  You should have gotten an email from Laurie on how to sign up. She her if you didn't or let Mrs. Bell or Mrs. Silvernail know. 

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