The Centennial Celebration slideshow is available in two different formats here. There is a Windows Media file (.WMV), as well as a portable media file (.mp4). Enjoy the hard work of Dahlia Silva and Ms. JoDean Jordan!

Additionally, the District wishes to thank all the people who made Saturday's celebration so successful. Although this list is almost certain to be incomplete, please accept it as an indication of just how many worked so hard to make the Centennial Celebration a night to remember:

Staff (10)

  • Luke Abbott - history class prepared national historic event info
  • Angela Silvernail - promotion students from class
  • Micheal Silvernail - set up slideshow, typing class
  • Jason Koski - basketball game set up & t-shirts
  • Cindy Wieberg - janitorial Fri & Sat
  • Cindy Probasco - decoaration art, famous seagulls
  • Warren Scott - Alumni band connection & music
  • Billie Jo Hagain - kitchen help
  • Steve Jones - project all year
  • JoDean Jordan - major projects entire year

Administration (5)

  • Jana Maneman - bulletin announcements, cash boxes
  • Linda Frazier - recruiting sign-ups
  • Dave Vetter - halftime prep and planning
  • Tera Stephens - major ordering, letters to community, printing and finance
  • Steve Holland - vision, budget

Students (138)

  • Drama students - 8 - period dress for event
  • Leadership students - 15 - cases
  • Fri set up students - 25
  • Saturday volunteers - 40
  • Typing class - 15
  • Promo students - 8
  • Art Class - 15
  • History Class - 12

Community Support Hallways (19)

  • Carriage Museum (2)
  • American Legion (4)
  • Slater's diner (1)
  • RSF (1)
  • Pacific County history society (1)
  • Jones/Enslow family (7)
  • Abby Koinsberger (2)
  • Blair Swogger (1)

Committee Members (9)

  • Jennifer Topping – Event Supervisor
  • Pebbles Williams - planning
  • Angie Gilbert - planning
  • Beth Camenzind - planning
  • Jim Olsen - planning
  • Julie Gardner - basketball game
  • Chrissy Doyle - dinner
  • Jeanne Jones - 50s hall
  • Barb Hansen – flowers

Event Support (12)

  • Game - Mark Miller, Bill Norton, Phil Freeman, John Sweker, Jeff Hasu, Dave Sandgren
  • Kitchen - Linda Stepp, Jonel Flemetis, 4 others

Financial Supporters (12)

  • RSF
  • LV Raymond
  • Dennis family (2)
  • Topping family (2)
  • Heneman family (1)
  • Maneman family (5)

Ticket Sales Locations

  • Bank of Pacific
  • Raymond Drug

General Support

  • Willapa Harbor Herald – “Famous Seagulls” articles
  • City of Raymond
  • Pacific Press
  • 2 Aberdeen radio stations - community event ad

Raymond High School

Senior Year Calendar and Checklist – Class of 2012


  • 12th - ACT Registration Deadline for the September 10 test w/o a late fee
  • 31st - Senior Student/Parent Info Night - 6pm in RHS Commons
  • Time to review your career plans and start deciding what kind of post secondary education will best fit your plans.
  • Request admissions information and school catalogs.
  • Obtain registration materials and testing dates for SAT and ACT assessments.
  • Visit for info about career, college, and financial aid resources.
  • If you plan on competing in Division I or Division II college sports, check with your counselor and Athletic Director to make sure you will qualify for NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.

Related links

*  Scholastic Aptitude Test:

*  ACT Assessment:

*  NCAA Eligibility Center


  • 1st - First Day of School at RHS
  • 6th-12th Add/Drop window for your classes
  • 9th- SAT Registration deadline for October 1 test
  • 10th – First ACT testing of the year
  • 16th ACT Registration Deadline for the October 22 test w/o a late fee.
  • Your counselor plays a big role in helping you get into college, so keep her/him informed. Meet to talk about your college plans and review your transcript.
  • It is not too soon to start planning for college and/or technical school campus visits.
  • Get started on your applications right away if you plan to apply through an early decision or early action program. Deadlines for early applications tend to fall in October or November.
  • Start working on your college essays. Write essays that focus on your experiences and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Update your resume—your list of accomplishments, involvements, and work experiences—with your senior year activities. Your resume will help you complete your applications and essays.

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* Early Decision & Early Action:

* College Application Checklist:

* Choosing an Essay Topic:


  • 1st -  First SAT testing of the year
  • 7th – Deadline to register for Nov. 5 SAT
  • 22rd – Second ACT testing of the year.
  • TBD – Josten’s Rep here to handout Graduation Order Forms
  • Ask your counselor, teachers, and coaches or employers for letters of recommendation. Give them plenty of time to meet your deadlines, provide them with your resume and/or an outline of possible points to cover, and make sure to provide them with stamped and addressed envelopes.
  • Take ACT and SAT tests. Make sure your scores are sent to each of your colleges.
  • If you are applying under an early decision or early action program, be sure to get all forms in as soon as possible. Applying online might be the right option for you.

Related link:

*  Letters of Recommendation:


  • 4th – End of 1st Quarter (It went by fast didn’t it?)
  • TBD - Josten’s Graduation Order Forms due
  • 4th – Deadline to register for Dec. 10 ACT w/o a late fee
  • 5th – SAT test
  • 8th – Deadline to register for Dec. 3 SAT
  • Submit early decision and early action applications on time.
  • Work hard at completing your college essays. Proofread them rigorously for mistakes.
  • Follow up with your teachers to ensure that letters of recommendation are sent on time to meet your deadlines.
  • Mail applications as early as possible for colleges with rolling deadlines (admissions decisions are made as applications are received).
  • Take SAT tests. Make sure your scores are sent to each of your colleges. 

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* Three Steps to a Great Essay:

* Essay Writing Tips:


  • 3rd - Third SAT testing of the school year
  • 10th – Third ACT testing of the school year
  • 30th – Deadline to register for Jan. 28, 2012 SAT
  • Sign up for a PIN to complete your FAFSA online. Let your parents know that hey will need a PIN as well.
  • Wrap up college applications before winter break. Make copies of each application before you send it.
  • Take SAT tests. Make sure your scores are sent to each one of your colleges.
  • Early decision and early application responses arrive this month.

Related link:

*  Financial Aid Info:


  • ASAP after January 1 – complete your FAFSA online.
  • 13th – Deadline to register for Feb. 11 ACT w/o a late fee
  • 28th – Fourth SAT testing of the year
  • 26th - End of 1st Semester
  • TBD – Collections of Evidence (CoE) due for HSPE
  • Early decision and early application responses arrive this month.
  • Some colleges include your first-semester grades as part of your application folder. This is called the mid-year grade report. Have your counselor send your grades to colleges that require them.

Related link:

*  FAFSA Web Site: 


  • Early in month – Deadline to submit Collection of Evidence
  • 10th – Deadline to register for Mar. 10 SAT
  • 11th – Fourth ACT testing of the school year
  • FAFSA Deadline for 4-yr colleges
  • Contact your colleges and confirm that all necessary application materials have been received.
  • Finish Strong!!! Fight senioritis! Colleges want to see strong second semester grades.
  • Pay attention if you need to make-up a state assessment (WASL/HSPE), March is the month to do that – see Mr. Vetter or Mr. Bowen. 

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*   What to Do About Senioritis:


  • 9th – Deadline to register for Apr. 14 ACT w/o a late fee (and last opportunity to get results before June graduation)
  • 10th - Fifth SAT testing of the school year
  • Senior Culminating Project due
  • Don’t Let Up!
  • This is a good month to make college campus visits.
  • Some admissions decisions arrive this month. Read everything you receive carefully, as some of it may require action on your part.

Related links:

*  Decision-Making Guide:


  • 6th – End of 3rd quarter
  • 6th - Deadline to register for May 5 SAT
  • 14th – Fifth ACT testing (and last opportunity to get results before June graduation)
  • Most admissions decisions and financial aid award letters arrive this month. Read everything you receive carefully, as some of it may require action on your part.
  • Make a final decision, and mail the enrollment form and deposit check to the school you select before May 1 (the enrollment deadline for most schools).
  • Notify (in writing) each of the schools to which you were accepted that you will not be attending so that your spot can be freed up for another student.
  • On the waiting list? Contact the admissions office and let them know of your continued interest in the college and update them on your spring semester grades and activities.

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* Rejected? Now What?:

* What to Do if You're Wait-Listed:


  • 4th - Deadline to register for June 9 ACT w/o a late fee
  • 5th - Sixth SAT testing in the school year (and last opportunity to get results before June graduation)
  • 8th – Deadline to register for June 2 SAT
  • TBDAdvanced Placement testing window. Make sure your AP score report is sent to your college.
  • Prepare a realistic student budget.
  • Thank your counselor, teachers, coaches, and anyone else who wrote you recommendations or otherwise helped with your college applications.

Related link:

* Next Steps:


  • Senior Trip - TBD
  • 6th -  (3:10pm) - Last date to complete all classes, assignments, exams etc in order to participate in RHS graduation ceremony on June 9. Study hard for final exams. Most admissions offers are contingent on your final grades.
  • 7th and 8th – Graduation Practice – 8:20am in Gym
  • 9th - Raymond High School Class of 2012 Commencement at 2pm.
  • Have your counselor send your final transcript to your college choice.
  • If you plan on competing in Division I or Division II college sports, have your counselor send your final transcript to the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.
Mr. Dave Vetter, long-time teacher in the Raymond School District, has accepted the position of "Dean of Students" for Raymond Junior/Senior High. Mr. Vetter's responsibilities will include academic counseling and student discipline.
The following students have qualified to compete in their state track events: Savannah Smith - 400, 200, pole vault (school record), 4x200 relay Hannah Borden - 100, 300 hurdles, 4x100 relay Hannah Dykes - 100, triple jump, 4x200 relay Molly Khammala - high jump, triple jump, 4x100 relay Mallory Maneman - high jump, 4x100 relay Kira Dunsmoor - 400, 4x200 relay, 4x400 relay Talia Johnson - 4x400 relay (subbed in the 4x100) Alexa McFadden - 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay Alex Gilbert - 4x400 relay Jessica Jackson - 4x400 relay Alec Oatfield - javelin Ally Phansisay - triple jump Amanda Koski will be attending the state golf tournament. Congratulations Seagulls!
You can enjoy the January broadcast here.

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